Ryan Kearney

Comparing CDN Performance

7 minute read Published:

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More and more CDN providers are appearing with competing prices and features. Here I’m going to compare Amazon CloudFront, Rackspace CloudFiles, and Amazon S3.

First off, Amazon S3 isn’t really a CDN per se, but I’ve ran across quite a few sites comparing Rackspace Cloud to S3, which isn’t a fair comparison. Amazon S3 does, however, have its own strong points which we will get into later.

Use Chrome, Safari, or Opera for Netflix Streaming

1 minute read Published:

Here’s a quick video I put together showing how to get Safari, Opera, and Chrome working with Netflix’s instant streaming.

NOTE: If you change Chrome’s useragent in the way described, all chrome windows will have that new useragnet. This can lead to problems with some sites. I’ve only noticed Gmail not working. To fix it, remove the custom useragent, or create two seperate shortcuts to Chrome, one for Netflix and one for all other browsing.

Update: Netflix now supports Chrome

Check your useragnet string here.