Free & Better Alternatives To MobileMe

MobileMe is Apple’s attempt to help users keep their data in sync. However, there is one problem with MobileMe: It costs $99 a year. While many users may be able to justify spending $99 a year to keep their data synced between their devices, others may find it outrageous and, as it turns out, there are free alternatives to MobileMe. Read more

iPad vs HP Mini Netbook

The iPad vs HP Mini Netbook is a much heated debate amongst mobile devices.

When you compare, there’s no comparison
– AT&T

Ultimatrix pointed out where Steve Jobs compared the iPad to a Netbook, so you can stop posting comments about comparing two completely different devices.

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The problem is, Netbooks aren’t better at anything
– Steve Jobs

Well Steve, let’s see what the Netbook is better at.
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