How to: Quickly reach your 32GB bonus space for Dropbox for next to nothing.

$9.99 a month – 50 GB storage + 32 GB referral space + 250MB bonus = 82.25GB


Dropbox offers 2GB of online storage completely free. The free plans have a referral limit of 8GB resulting in a maximum of 10GB of free storage plus 250MB if you complete the getting started steps. If you convert to a paid plan (starting at $9.99 a month) then the amount of extra space you can get from referrals doubles to 16GB. In addition, instead of receiving 250MB per referred user, you gain 512MB. The increased bonus is retroactive so your bonus space will double once you make the switch. Read more

Free & Better Alternatives To MobileMe

MobileMe is Apple’s attempt to help users keep their data in sync. However, there is one problem with MobileMe: It costs $99 a year. While many users may be able to justify spending $99 a year to keep their data synced between their devices, others may find it outrageous and, as it turns out, there are free alternatives to MobileMe. Read more