Cisco LAP Connecting to Wrong WLC

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Dealing with a difficult access point that isn't connecting to the primary Wireless LAN Controller
After setting up a new Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), I decided to go ahead and setup a spare Cisco Lightweight Access Point (LAP) to connect to it. I did so by changing DHCP option 43 to point to the new WLC instead of the old one for that DHCP reservation. I plugged in the AP and… Damn, it still connected to the production WLC. I rebooted it again, and then a third time.

WiFi Down (Or how 802.1x stopped working)

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Around this time last a year 802.1x was configured on our wireless network. Everything worked fine for the most part until this morning. All wireless devices on the SSID configured for 802.1x were failing to connect. Non 802.1x SSID’s were fine, so it wasn’t an issue with the wireless access point being down. Additionally the network was being broadcast across multiple physical locations in different states and they all seemed to be down.