The iPad vs HP Mini Netbook is a much heated debate amongst mobile devices.

When you compare, there’s no comparison
– AT&T

Ultimatrix pointed out where Steve Jobs compared the iPad to a Netbook, so you can stop posting comments about comparing two completely different devices.

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The problem is, Netbooks aren’t better at anything

– Steve Jobs

Well Steve, let’s see what the Netbook is better at.

iPad   HP Mini 
$829 Price $699
1Ghz Processor 1.66Ghz
64GB Disk Space 320GB
9.7″ Screen Size 11.6″
1024×768 Screen Resolution 1366×768
140,000 Applications Available Millions
USB Ports 3
2GB Mobile Data Unlimited
yes AT&T yes
no Verizon yes
no Sprint yes
no Tether to existing phone yes
no Download Apps From The Web yes
no Handle Compressed Archives yes
External Physical Keyboard yes
yes Bluetooth yes
no Webcam yes
no Firefox/Chrome yes
yes Safari yes
no Adobe Flash yes
no Optical Drive External
no Video Chat yes
no Adobe Photoshop yes
no Microsoft Outlook yes
no Multitasking yes
no Windows 7 yes
no Run Any Linux Distro yes
no Run OSX yes
no Removable Battery yes
no Hardware Upgradeable yes
$10/Month Hulu Free
no Netflix yes