Never Give Your Information To 10 Minute Old Startups

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Handing over sensitive information to startups that are only a few minutes old can lead to bad, bad things. The Startup The startup under fire today is a web service by the name of _Ice Box Pro_ posted on Hacker News today proved that point. The service was designed as a way to back up filed to Amazon Glacier that you put in a special Dropbox folder. I was curious to see how well it performed, so I decided to sign up and give it a test run.

It costs $35 Million to send an HD video over SMS while roaming on AT&T

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AT&T has the following chart on their webpage which outlines roaming rates while outside the U.S. We’re going to concentrate on the Text Messages row, also known as SMS messages. SENDING TEXT, PICTURE, AND VIDEO MESSAGES WHEN OUTSIDE THE U.S. Text Messages $0.50 per message sent Picture and Video Messages $1.30 per message sent I did the math and Tweeted my findings.

Why I’m leaving AT&T and switching to Verizon

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I was with Cingular until they switched to AT&T and everything was going fine until just a few years ago. First they took away unlimited data once phones came out that could actually use more than 200MB a month. Then they started charging more for tethering and threatening to remove the unlimited data plan users were grandfathered into for tethering with third party applications. And finally, most recently, they are once again forcing users to use the data they already pay for in the way that they want to. It is this reason that my relationship with AT&T will soon be over as I move to a company that doesn’t charge you more for less, and doesn’t screw you over (as much). While Verizon has done its fair share of being evil, their purchase of the 700Mhz wireless spectrum has made them unable to screw you over to the extent of AT&T due to restrictions in place by the FCC.

How to: Quickly reach your 32GB bonus space for Dropbox for next to nothing.

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$9.99 a month – 50 GB storage + 32 GB referral space + 250MB bonus = 82.25GB


Dropbox offers 2GB of online storage completely free. The free plans have a referral limit of 8GB resulting in a maximum of 10GB of free storage plus 250MB if you complete the getting started steps. If you convert to a paid plan (starting at $9.99 a month) then the amount of extra space you can get from referrals doubles to 16GB. In addition, instead of receiving 250MB per referred user, you gain 512MB. The increased bonus is retroactive so your bonus space will double once you make the switch.

Free & Better Alternatives To MobileMe

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MobileMe is Apple’s attempt to help users keep their data in sync. However, there is one problem with MobileMe: It costs $99 a year. While many users may be able to justify spending $99 a year to keep their data synced between their devices, others may find it outrageous and, as it turns out, there are free alternatives to MobileMe.

iPad vs HP Mini Netbook

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The iPad vs HP Mini Netbook is a much heated debate amongst mobile devices.

When you compare, there’s no comparison
– AT&T

Ultimatrix pointed out where Steve Jobs compared the iPad to a Netbook, so you can stop posting comments about comparing two completely different devices.

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The problem is, Netbooks aren’t better at anything

– Steve Jobs

Well Steve, let’s see what the Netbook is better at.

Comparing CDN Performance (Part 2)

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Last week I wrote an article comparing Amazon S3 and Cloud Front to Rackspace Cloud Files. Since then I have gotten additional requests to compare more content delivery networks. The following is a comparison of Amazon Cloud Front, Rackspace Cloud Files, SimpleCDN, and GoGrid CDN. I tried to cover as many bases as I could. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Response Time

We will start by taking a look at the response time for the three services over a period of 1 week

Rackspace Cloud Files came in first place with an average response time of just 69ms, however, GoGrid CDN was very close behind with 70ms. In third place was Amazon Cloud Front with an average response time of 225ms and in last place was SimpleCDN with an average response time of 402ms. Here’s a chart with the four Content Delivery Network’s average, fastest, and slowest response times over a period of one week.

Use Chrome, Safari, or Opera for Netflix Streaming

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Here’s a quick video I put together showing how to get Safari, Opera, and Chrome working with Netflix’s instant streaming.

NOTE: If you change Chrome’s useragent in the way described, all chrome windows will have that new useragnet. This can lead to problems with some sites. I’ve only noticed Gmail not working. To fix it, remove the custom useragent, or create two seperate shortcuts to Chrome, one for Netflix and one for all other browsing.

Update: Netflix now supports Chrome

Check your useragnet string here.